The Peppermints and the Italian symbols

The PEPPERMINTS: an all-female band

The PEPPERMINTS are a young all-female band which took place to the JUNIOR EUROVISION SONG CONTEST  2014 in the isle of MALTA.


Breaking my heart, this is the song and hit name,from which the project was born.


All girls were selected from’’ VOCINE NUOVE CASTROCARO’’  partecipants.

Videoclip was carried out in cooperation with PONTEDERA municipality,PIAGGIO FOUNDATION,and LA PISA IS MOVIE-film commission,in wonderful locations like the centre of PONTEDERA municipality,PIAZZA DEI MIRACOLI and PIAZZA DEI CAVALIERI in the town of PISA.

It’s a project that really promotes  our country,during 2016 MILAN EXPO :ITALY is praised as a nation full of architectural treasures,through 2 great Italian symbols like the PISA TOWER and the jewels of PIAGGIO FOUNDATION,and the PEPPERMINT band song.

Recognizabilty,quality,reliability,and above all the importance that the PISA TOWER and the famous motorbike named ‘’VESPA’’are able to convey on international scale, will be able to strengthen the ITALIAN image.

The project is enriched by the great tradition of VOCINE NUOVE CASTROCARO,a song contest well-known for the quality of its competitors, often performing on TV talents for young people.

MAURIZIO SEYMANDI is the great videoclip featurer:TV presenter, lyricist,TV writer,MAURIZIO was an important  player on Italian TV from 1977 to 1995,with its famous ‘’SUPER CLASSIFICA SHOW’’on CANALE 5.