1)  The “VOCINE NUOVE CASTROCARO” association, under the artistic guidance of CATIA CONFICONI, organizes the 16 th edition of the song contest VOCINE NUOVE, which will take place in CASTROCARO TERME - ITALY.

It’s the sole national contest dedicated to children, authorized and  patroned with CASTROCARO brand.

The competion is open to all Italian and foreigner children who will sing in Italian language.

There will be 2categories:

-BABY, till the age of 10

-JUNIOR,from the age of 11 to 14 (its mandatory not to have overpassed the age of 14 , when applying).

The aim of the contest is to exploit the musical/singing talents of participating children, the organizer will dedicate  time and efforts to education and forming.


2)    Italian and foreigner children can apply, selections to get to final contest will take place in the spring 2019, and will be made through auditions, directed by qualified staff and jurors.

During these, Children will perform singing 1 piece of their own choise, in Italian language, lasting maximum 4 minutes.

It will be necessary bring to send a instrumental basic in pendrive USB  the mp3 file cannot exceed 7MB.

Children will perform in front of a qualified jury, whose judgement will be unchallengeable.

To protect each singer privacy, report cards of the jury won’t be disclosed.

Parents, relatives, friends, companions, can be admitted to selections.

The final contest will be reached by the 5 singers of the “BABY” sector and by the 10 singers of the “JUNIOR” sector, who will get the higher evaluation.

The list of singers who have reached the final will be published on –line on this web-site, and communicated to all partecipants.


  3)There will be 1 winner for each category, and every singer taking part  to 

Selections will receive an attendance  proof, signed by the artistic director, stating that he/she has joined the workshop with audition to



4) Contest is open to all musical types, texts could be published or unpublished but only in Italian language.Texts won’t have in any case to contain neither advertisement/commercial, nor words or messages which can offend common decency, persons, Italian or foreign states, public institutions, religions, nations.

Competitors will sing live with instrumental basic (without words)of high quality (prestored chorus are allowed), or accompanied by guitar.

The organizer reserves itself the right to substitute basic when judged of poor quality.


5)Entries  are open, postmark and the date the applying  mail is sent will be decisive. Request which will come in after deadline (20 st of april, 2019) could be taken into consideration on discretion of organizer. Registration fee is € 150 and includes workshop, laboratory with teaching –staff, auditions and final.

The amount will have to be paid through bank-transfer to a bank account headed to: VOCINE NUOVE CASTROCARO,at CASSA DEI RISPARMI DI FORLI E DELLA ROMAGNA S.P.A branch of CASTROCARO TERME.

The IBAN code is: IT88J0306967744100000002311


6)Registration can be done by filling in the form at page called=ISCRIZIONI), on this site and then sending copy of bank –transfer to following address: VOCINE NUOVE viale Matteotti, 15

 47011 CASTROCARO TERME(FC) ITALY. Its also possible to send this copy as an attach to a mail and send it to:

If the copy of payment is not sent by any of these 2 means, registration will be considered as NOT valid.

All sent materials won’t be given back.


7)The underwriting/acceptance of these rules, through the registration ,is also  to be consider valid as a release in favour of the organizer for following purposes: To distribute the song, to publish articles on press containing family name or stage-name and picture of participant, to broadcast TV shots relating to the attendance to the contest VOCINE NUOVE CASTROCARO.

Comunication by mail o through the site will be the only accepted, the organizer will NOT give infos or explanations through FACEBOOK(private or public)or other socials, which (on the other side)we invite you to use, to promote the event.

Partecipant won’t get any reimbursement or reward ,travel and lodging expenses are to be paid by themselves.

There will be 1 photographer and 1 official director for pictures. All the material (phonografic, photographic, carried out during the contest, pre-selections done by exclusive regional delegates, workshops, auditions/selections, trials, backstages, and the final contest itself, will have to be consider of exclusive ownership of the organizer; the organizer is therefore entitled to  release all materials of the contest on radio, tv, press, internet, for promotional and informative purposes.

The organizer (VOCINE NUOVE CASTROCARO) is NOT legally responsible for damages to things/belongings, casualties of persons, and /or thefts which could take place during all days/stages of the contest.

The organizer is also NOT responsible for any kind of liability  regarding accidents/damages, thefts ,that might happen on anomalous circumstances.

The organizer reserves itself the right to change these current rules for organizational and functional needs. It also will evaluate and decides regarding possible/particular matters.

Each singer, guarantees to the organizer, making it free from any liability, not to infringe, with his/her  performance, any right of third parties.

In case of disputes the court having jurisdiction will be the one of the  town of FORLI - ITALY.