VOCINE NUOVE was born in 2004, when CATIA CONFICONI wrote a letter to former Mayor mr. MAURIZIO FUSSI saying: ‘’we have the honour to be considered the town of the music, it would be very appealing to have a contest dedicated to children’’... The Mayor showed great interest and invited CATIA to start organizing it; That’s how the contest was born…

CATIA CONFICONI, keen on music, registered to S.I.A.E.as author and literary part composer, wrote songs for The ‘’ZECCHINO D’ORO’’contest and for several singer.

In the years from 2005 to 2008 participating children were mostly the ones living in CASTROCARO and the neighbouring areas, the contest was not competitive and everybody received a prize.

From 2008 the contest became competitive; the choice was made to accompany the children live with an orchestra (directed by GIUSEPPE ZANCA, professional musician) and this represented a great step forward. 2009 and 2010 were significant, with incresead number of singer taking part in the contest, and good judgements from the press; The event consolidated more and more, finally becoming a fixed and awaited show.

Talented Presenter for 6 editions was mr. GIANLUCA GRIFONI. In 2011 CATIA CONFICONI registered the trademark, which then she donated to the municipality of CASTROCARO TERME; The municipality was consequently holding the adoptive fatherhood of the ‘’VOCI NUOVE’’ junior contest and ‘’VOCINE NUOVE baby contest. 2012: The site www.vocinenuovecastrocaro was created; CATIA CONFICONI, artistic director, believed that web-comunication was extremely important, even in a situation of strong economical crise, and decided to invest in it. Mr.FRANCO MACIARELLO, graduate, joined the staff as web master, taking care of the official site and continuosly updating it. Promotion in radio, tv, press started.

Instructive –days were also launched, children were staying in CASTROCARO TERME 2 days, one day for training and the other for auditions.’’Partner festival’’ began, in collaboration with 16 events spread along Italian country, which were offering as a prize participation to the VOCINE NUOVE CASTROCARO contest. The 2 winners, respectively VALENTINA BALDELLI (junior sector) and ANNALUNA BATANI (baby sector) took part in ‘’ TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE’’ on national tv RAI1.

2013 The official site recorded 15.000 contacts/month. Instructive-days went on and the staff saw the entrance of highly qualified professional like MONICA MAGNANI(well-known vocal coach of “TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE’’ chorus-singer of ’’THE VOICE’’, LAURA PAUSINI, EROS RAMAZZOTTI); In this way the children who came to CASTROCARO TERME enjoyed an instructive day and an audition in front of a qualified panel with MONICA MAGNANI at the head of it.Famous mr. MAURIZIO SEYMANDI joined the staff as well, with the role of juror, presenter and learned promoter.

The 2013 edition was /is remembered for its high general musical level; actually 7 children who got to the final eventually reached the famous programmes ‘’TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE’’ and ‘’IO CANTO’’. There was therefore the need to organize regional selections, exclusivist were entrust with it in several Italian regions like: SICILY, CALABRIA, LOMBARDY, TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE, LIGURIA, PIEDMONT, TUSCANY and SARDINIA.

The 10 th edition was followed by 2.300.000 viewers, transmited by 100 broadcasting-stations, by 1 channel of bouquet of ‘’SKY’’, by web-tv and international channels for Italians living abroad. 2014 entries doubled, MONICA MAGNANI with her method ’’INTENSE VOCAL WORKOUT’’ is always playing a leading role, and other 2 notable figures got together with the existing staff; SERENA PENZO, who used her interesting method’’ wocal power’’ and MANUEL CILIO, in charge of ‘’WATER ACADEMY’’, who gave new and unusual lessons.

2014 reported creation of’’ BABY BAND’’ sector, bands contest, which was carried out on 1st and 2nd of march in FORLI. In august/September 5 young girl were choosen from the ‘’VOCINE NUOVE CASTROCARO ‘’breeding ground; they were called’’ THE PEPPERMINTS’’ and took part in the’’JUNIOR EUROVISION CONTEST on 15th of November in the isle of MALTA. 2015=the contest gained power and reputation, collaboration/proposal increased, contacts came in from abroad. Each of the 15 finalist was rewarded with a personalized VIDEOCLIP, web-spread in favour of the singer , the contest and the territory as well.

2015 There were 4 week-end selections. All partecipants to selection were seen on tv, 10 created episodes were broadcasted on 100 national channels,1’’SKY’’ channel, web and international tv. 2016 sees the request of collaboration from abroad, the English version of the site is created. 

2016: Collaboration starts with one FESTIVAL in KAZAKHSTAN. Competitors from abroad are taking part to the event; 10 more regional selectors are added to the already 12 existing ones, for a total of 22, covering all Italian regions. Its becomes  necessary to get a commercial director.

VOCINE NUOVE CASTROCARO is nowadays an international song contest, part of the musical tradition of CASTROCARO TERME. AND…as it always happens, imitations are starting up….