Song contest ‘’VOCINE NUOVE CASTROCARO’’collaborates with other competions in ITALY,and evaluates  new cooperations with festivals,shows,music academies,singing and musical schools.

BABY WINNER  of the associated festivals will be enrolled  FREE OF CHARGE for the ‘’VOCINE NUOVE CASTROCARO’’ contest.

The associated partner festival will be  entitled  to publish and /or to  advertise the above mentioned cooperation using the’’VOCINE NUOVE CASTROCARO’’trademark on his own internet site,facebook,twitter,and on press,to promote its own event.

Cooperation  will beside  give Partner festival organizers, babies and children,and their respective families, the chance to visit CASTROCARO TERME, to enrich and share different artistic experiencies and make new acquaintances.

Each cooperation is valid for 1 year, and its renewable.

‘’VOCINE NUOVE CASTROCARO’’compulsorely  requires partner festival the sole right(exclusive)in cooperation;It means partner festival are not allowed to  collaborate with other festivals as far as the ‘’JUNIOR’’ category is concerned.

The  BABY, winner of a festival partner, has 1 month time(starting from the date he won the event)to fill in the registration sheet(enrollment is for free in this case)

Il Fienile


Ri-Cantare a Riolo




Bim Music Network